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Here are some highlights from my Journey…..(which I consider to be the Real Credentials from the school of life! ;)) This is what I feel REALLY makes me the expert to teach you how to heal, live with passion, and create your dreams into reality………….I live & breath what I teach, & it works!

When I was 18 I graduated college with my Associates Degree in Behavioral Sciences. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next with my education. So I loaded up my car and headed off on my first major adventure. I moved to Alaska with just 2 days to prepare, barely enough money for gas to get me there and no contacts there, and no real plan. It was a wonderful experience! I was off to a great start in my adult life!

Then at 22 I was married in an LDS temple, thinking my marriage would last for time and eternity…... However I quickly realized I was married to a compulsive liar…Ever After” became a nightmare for me. So at just 23 I found myself choosing to leave my husband. I had enough pain, confusion, and disappointment, I didn’t want to face the world with my divorce. So I headed out on my own Passion Quest to Live my dream of backpacking Central America! I spent 4 incredible months on this solo trip healing my “shredded” soul, surprisingly learning to Salsa dance was a key part in this healing process! ;)

When I left my marriage, I was disappointed and angry with God for “letting this happen to me”. After all I had been righteous and faithful, I had “done everything right” it wasn’t “supposed” to end up this way. I doubted my religious belief system and choose to also step away from it. During this period I entered into a cohabiting relationship, where there were some big challenges with his Ex over his son. After one particularly dramatic night with her, I decided I’d had enough. I packed my Backpack and headed to Maui to fulfill my dream of learning to surf. It was here that I first became attuned to Reiki energy healing.

8 Months later, after I had lived my “surf bum” dream, I moved home from Maui, planning to marry this man who I loved dearly. Only to find that he had been with another woman while I was gone. Thus ensued 4 months of a Telenovela, which ended very explosively and dramatically with me being arrested for slapping him when he lied about his infidelity with her. The full story can be found in my first book “ Healing from Heartbreak”*......I’ll just say it was very shocking and my entire world was torn apart overnight! (*BTW I attracted both the editor and cover designer for this book,2 more cool stories about the power of creation ;))

After overcoming this devastating heartbreak, depression and temporary loss of passion for life, I began to get many prompting, and personal inspiration to share my story. At first I REALLY didn’t want to, however the feelings wouldn’t go away! It came to the point where there really wasn’t another option, so I hesitantly wrote my book and started my company “Free-Spirited Faith”. In 2014 I wrote my first book and began teaching workshops to help others on their path to healing and taking their power back as the co-creator of their own lives!

In January of 2016 I decided it was time for me to take a break and go to Bali! :) I had been working hard building my business for over 2 years, investing every bit of time, money, and energy I had into it! I wanted to relax and explore having one of my women’s Passion Quest Retreats there. I set my mind to creating a $600 plane ticket (the ones I was seeing were all $1200-$2000). I also wanted to attract someone to come with me. A couple weeks later I was inspired to buy the ticket it was $615! In a matter of weeks I had also attracted not only one but 2 awesome eligible bachelors who asked if they could come visit me during my 5 week stay in Bali! I seriously couldn’t believe it! I felt like the Bachelorette! ;)

In May 2016 after returning home from Bali, the man who wasn’t able to come visit me in Bali after all, took me to Maui on our 6th date! I know I am a very powerful and effective manifester, admittedly these dating experiences surprised even me. We had the most magical and amazing experience there!

A few months later we checked another item off my bucket list for 2016 when we spent 9 weeks on my dream trip backpacking around Southeast Asia together! It was another incredible experience, I feel so blessed and grateful to know how to co-create the life experiences I want!

In November 2016 my dream man purposed to me, in a special ceremony on a gorgeous beach in Maui with a beautiful sunset as our backdrop! (unbeknownst to him, this is EXACTLY the proposal I had been consciously creating in my mind with just one exception, we were in Maui rather than California. ;)) The science of creation is REAL you can use it to create whatever dream you have! I have witnesses hundreds of “miracles” in my life and other when the laws of creation are applied.  In January 2017 we had a very fun wedding Fiesta and were married in the Salt Lake City LDS temple the next day! :) Yes, the reception was first! It’s ok, we do everything “backwards”! ;)

When we returned home from our honeymoon, I decided that it was time to get back to the business of changing lives! I created and taught my first “Passion Quest” live event in January 2017. This course was created as a result of feedback from my students, mentoring clients and those who read my first book. I consistently heard that the information taught is not just for those “healing from heartbreak” it is for everyone to understand how the co-create and shape their reality! I agree! Passion Quest is the course for all “dreamers”, anyone who wants to know how to create magic in their life everyday! Students also requested an online course to so at their own pace in smaller chunks. So here it is……I LOVE helping people to live their dreams with PASSION and I would love to help you learn to better co-create (aka manifest) your reality! So let’s make it happen already!

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